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“Sexcereal is an amazing cereal.  I’ve never tasted anything quite like it.  And I like that it’s not a novelty item or an instant fix but rather a natural approach to sexual health.”

Mark Staynard, Santa Ana, California, USA


“I take my Sexcereal with me wherever I go.  I love the buzz.”

Sally, Egan Minnesota, USA


"I just want to say thank you.  My boyfriend and I take out the Sexcereal and have the most romantic breakfasts together."

Sharon, Smith Falls, Ontario


“For years now I’ve been marching into health food stores buying a collection of ingredients for my sexual health.  This started to happen after I turned thirty-five.  I can’t tell you how great it is to find all the ingredients in one pouch and that you have included camu camu, maca and goji berries.  It’s like the filet mignon of cereal.  Thank you for creating it.”

Stephen, Bedford, Virginia, USA


"Brilliant cereal.  Brilliant marketing."

D. Rowe, Vancouver, British Columbia


“Sexcereal and the morning paper on Sunday mornings.  Kissing in the afternoon.  Sexcereal, part of your complete breakfast indeed!

David, Huntsville, Alabama, USA


"I'm 80 years old.  What have I got to lose?"

F.B., Halifax, Nova Scotia


"Best tasting cereal ever!  It's not B.S.  And I love that there's a cereal just for me and my manhood"

Bob, Winnipeg, Manitoba


"One cereal for women and one for men.  Makes complete sense.  After all, when my boyfriend gets naked, I can see that we're different!”

Sally, Calgary, Alberta


"I love a cereal that goes all the way."

Bob, Maple Creek, Saskatchewan



"Maybe I'm just imagining things, but I have to say, it seems that there’s an enhanced spark when I kiss my wife. Please don't publish my name."

K. Edmonton, Alberta


"Bravo for having the courage to call it SEXCEREAL."

S. Butterfield, Mississauga, ON

“You took a sacred cow – cereal and put the word SEX next to it and made a cereal with sexual health as the rasion d’etre.  Bravo!  The world needs more agitators or provocateurs.  Nothing moves forward without them, in this case, your company."

Saul, Montreal, Quebec

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